About AI Masters

WCG AI Masters is a robot simulator-based 5:5 AI robotic soccer tournament. Each participant must develop an AI algorithm to control five of their team’s robots to play a soccer match against an opposing team’s AI.

A standard AI online system is provided to all players for the research and development of their AI algorithms, so that all participants can play under the same conditions. Players will be asked to present the AI algorithm they have developed at the WCG AI Masters.


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2019年 4月 1日~5月10日

AI 开发及研究

2019年 4月 15日~6月7日

AI 开发及研究

2019年 6月7日 截止




AI 开发及研究

2019年 6月 24日~7月5日

AI 开发及研究

2019年 6月 7日 截止


2019年 7月18日~7月19日


2019年 7月20日~7月21日


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Participants of the WCG AI Masters must observe the following:

  • Eligibility

    Participants must be born before April 1, 2003, over the age of 16, and able to use C++ or Python to develop algorithms.

  • Language

    All manuals and platforms for this tournament are in English.

  • Notices

    Each participant will receive online tools for research and development. All devices must be turned off at the end of the allocated time period. (*Additional time will not be provided in the event that the allocated time has lapsed due to the negligence of the participant.)

The following manuals will be provided to all WCG AI Masters participants.

1.AI Simulator and Development Manual: System information and guidance on research and development.
2.AI Online Platform Manual: Detailed information on using the AI online platform.

Inquiries about the WCG AI Masters

If you have any questions about this tournament, please contact us using the following email address.